“ואלה יבואו על הברכה

I would like to thank from bottom of my heart the members that helped
and served the community and made sure that the prayers ran smoothly.
1) Rav, Dr Morad H.Y.V for his wonderful spiritual Shabbat lectures and help managing the prayers.
2) Our friends R’ Avraham BenAyun H.Y.V and his wonderful and Tzadeket wife Esther H.Y.V for there preparation for Kiddush and Seuda Shlishit and helping to manage the shul & prayers like they did a few times before.
3) Ydid Bet Hakeneset Asfan Hamitzvot R’ Tzvika Shopperd H.Y.V for his Dedication To Shul in many ways.
4) Our Wonderful member R’ Shmuel Gatan for his help and dedication to the Shul & help  in managing the Shul function to be smooth & complete.
5) Dr. Perper for his help and dedication to the Shul.
6) All our members & friends that participated with prayers and help every one in his way.
Every one will have the merit (Zechut) to have Birchat Hashem Bechal Asher Lahem : Complete health, Success, and a lot of Osher, Vesimcha, Uparnasa Tova UBeshefah .
HAKARAT HATOV   שבועות   5776
We would like to thank dear Rabbi Elimelech Gotlieb Shlita for his wonderful and inspiring lecture
in the frame of Tikun Lel Shavuot. His topic was on “The connection between the Chagim and Shabattot“. Rabbi Gotlieb always answered positively “Lehofitz Maayenotav Hachutza” Velachalok Et Limudo BeTorah Vadaat Lacol”. We will blessed him and his family: “Yaarich Hashem Yamav Batov Ushnotav Baneimim. Vyiske Lehagdil Torah Ulhaadirah”.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Jason Jacobs for building our new website.
He volunteered his time and knowledge with exceptional results.
May Hashem bless him and his family with health, wealth, happiness and nachat.

May Hashem give brachot and hatzlacha to R’ Shmuel ben Reuven Ghatan for his dedication and help he provides to the shul in countless ways. May he be blessed that Hashem will give him his Zivug and he will stand under the chupah this year, BE”H.

Thank you Rivka Moshe for your dedication in helping us fix the Parochet and the Sefer Torah cover whenever we request from you. May Hashem give you alot of osher, happiness and nachat from your children and family.

Hakarat Hatov
V’ele Ya’amdu Al Habracha
1. We would like to extend our many thanks to Meir Bukhranov on the Tekiyot Shofar that were blown during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur all done voluntarily and LeShem Shamayim.
Hakarat Hatov
1. We would like to thank Rabbi Elimelech Gotlieb and Rabbi Arieh Listowsky for their participation as speakers in the Shavuot panel for the shul Ohr Binyamin in the framework of “Yagdil Torah V’yaadera”. May Hashem bless them with a good, happy and healthy new year.
2. We would like also to thank Rabbi Yosef Rosen for his weekly Seudat Shlishi Class. May Hashem bless him and his family with a happy, healthy new year.
3. We would like to thank R’ Dr. Morad for his weekly before Mincha class. May Hashem bless him and give him a very happy year with full recovery and health and may Hashem give him power to continue to give his sheurim as long as possible.
4. We would like to thank Tzvika Sheporrer for ensuring throughout the entire year the continuity towards the shul’s functionality. May Hashem bless him and his family with a lot of nachat and a happy and healthy new year.
5. We must also mention our esteemed friends R’ Reuven Kulawsky and R’ Dr. Jay Perper for their help and dedication to our shul in many ways. May Hashem bless them with health, happiness and nachat from their children.
6. We would like to bless all the shul friends and members for their dedication and help to the shul in many ways. May Hashem bless you all and your families with a happy and healthy new year. May you all have a lot of nachat and joy and continue your dedication to our shul.
7. We would also like to thank last but not least, our shul friend R’ Meir Goldson for initiating, planning and building our new website all done “Leshem Shamayim”.May Hashem bless him and his family and his new beautiful daughter with a lot of nachat, happiness and health for the new year.