Our sincerest condolences to Marvin (Moshe) Finkelstein on the passing of his mother:

Nechama Bat Yosef

Passed: 1/14/18

Buried: 1/17/18



We share in the sorrow of the Nisanov Family on the passing of their father:

Avraham Ben Brachel and Istam

Passed: November 4, 2017 Shabbat

May they not know from any more sorrow.


Ohe Binyamin Congregation regrets to announce the passing of:

Yosef ben Refael Yegudayev

father of our dear friend Avraham Yegudayev

passed:3/17/17  19th of Adar

buried 3/19/17  21st of Adar




Ohr Binyamin Congregation shares in the grief on the passing of :

Solomon (Shlomo) Noah

beloved father of Hazkel (Yehezkel) Noah





We regret to announce the passing of our dear friend:

Ezra Zahavi



We are shocked and pained for the sudden death of our dear friend of Ohr Binyamin Congregation R’ Reuven ben Chaim Pesach ZT”L.

We send our comfort to his entire family in the US and abroad.

The completion of the Shiva will be at the Ohr Binyamin Shul, Sunday 8/7/16 at 7:30 PM.

The people who want to honor his memory are invited to join us at:

Ohr Binyamin Shul

144-10 68th Drive

Flushing, NY 11367

 “Hamakom Yenachem Etchem B’toch Shaar Avlei Tzion V’Yerushalayim”

Our members and friends are welcomed to write something in his memory and we will publish in the Shul website. Please send us a clear and readable text by email or written so we may post it.


Reuven Kulawsky
ר’ אורי בן חיים פסח (brother of Reuven Kulawsky) 11th of Tishre
ר חיים פסח בן שרגא פיוול (father of Reuven Kulawsky)
Yaffa and Ezra Zahavi
ויקטוריה בת וינטורה קצב (mother of Yaffa Zahavi)
אסתר בת זכריה (mother of Ezra Zahavi) 26th of Tishre / September 30th
נסים בן עזרה (father of Ezra Zahavi)

Avraham Benayoun
פריגה בן משה (father of Avraham Behayoun) 11th of Cheshven

Nisanov Family

Avraham Ben Brachel and Istam (Father of R’Refael, R’ Yitzhak and R’ Yakov)


Haskel Noah

Shlomo Ben Yehezkel (father of Yehezkel Noah)29th of Kislev 5777

Marvin Finkelstein
Avraham Ben Velvel (father of Marvin Finkelstein) 10th of Tevet 5769
Shabtai Ben Avraham (brother of Marvin Finkelstein) 28th of Tevet 5767


HaRav HaCohen
בנימין בן הרב נתן הכהן Binyamin Cohen (brother of Harav HaCohen) 15th of Shevat

Marvin Finkelstein

Nechama Bat Yosef (mother of Marvin Finkelstein)

Adar I
Dr. Jay Perper
רבקה בת צבי – (mother of Dr. Jay Perper) – 4th of Adar
HaRav HaCohen
הרב נתן הכהן בן שמואל Harav Natan HaCohen (father of Harav HaCohen) 4th of Adar 1
Reuven Kulawsky
Reuven Kulawsky (brother) Dov ben Chaim Pesach – 11th of Adar 1 5757

Rabbi HaCohen

Sarah Bat Natan and Shulamit (sister of Rabbi HaCohen) 2nd of Adar

Avraham Yegudayev

Yosef ben Refael 3/17/2017 19th of Adar 5777

Adar II
Avraham Benayoun
שמחה בת אברהם הלוי (mother of R’ Avraham BenHayoun) Rosh Chodesh of Adar
Miriam HaCohen
רחל בת יעקב ויהודית Rachel Sabbagh (mother of Miriam HaCohen) 10th of Adar
Reuven Kulawsky
ר’ דוב בן חיים פסח (brother of Reuven Kulawsky) 11th of Adar
Dr. Jay Perper
ר חיים בן אברהם (father of Dr. Jay Perper) 18th of Adar


Reuevn Kulawsky
חוה בת מירה (sister of Reuven Kulawsky) 16th of Nissan
Yaffa Zahavi
אליהו בן מינה קצב (father of Yaffa Zahavi) Shabbat after Pesach

Rabbi HaCohen



ראובן בן חיים פסח Reuven ben Chaim Pesach Shabbat 24th of Tamuz


Miriam HaCohen
Joseph Sabbagh (father of Miriam HaCohen) 13th of Elul יוסף בן חיים וחנה